Thursday, 14 June 2012

Balmorals' Bristol Channel season starts next week

Balmoral left Glasgow earlier this week and headed for the Irish Sea for the first 5 days of her summer season.  The weather forecast for the start of these 5 days doesn't look good, but it's looking better for the  last 3 days.

On Tuesday 19th June Balmoral will sail south to the Bristol Channel ready for her 11 days of sailings , she'll then moving on to the South Coast and Thames.

Bals sailings for the first week on the Channel are:

Wednesday 20th -  Lydney, Sharpness & Clevedon to Ilfracombe  back to Penarth for coach return to Lydney & Sharpness.  Some of the keen Welsh will do this trip by catching the 07.12 train from Cardiff to Lydney and make their own way home from Penarth.

Thursday 21st  - Clevedon, (Newport - coach to Penarth) Penarth to Ilfracombe for nearly 3 hours ashore.

Friday 22nd - Briton Ferry, Porthcawl to Ilfracombe for over 5 hours ashore.

Saturday 23rd - Bristol, Clevedon, Penarth to Ilfracombe for 2 hours ashore.

Sunday 24th - Clevedon, Penarth, Ilfracombe (for 5 hours ashore) or on to Lundy Island with 2 hours ashore.

Monday 25th - Minehead, (Exeter - coach to Ilfracombe) Ilfracombe (for 7 hours ashore) or on to Lundy Island with nearly 4 hours ashore.

Tuesday 26th - Penarth, Weston, Clevedon, Penarth - Holms Islands cruise, Clevedon & Penarth.

Peter Havard

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