Tuesday, 19 November 2013

MEDWAY QUEEN - Back on the Medway

Medway Queen has arrived safely back on on the River Medway.

With a weather forecast for three or four days of light mainly northerly winds, she left Avonmouth under tow of the tug Christine on Friday 15th November, arriving on the Medway on 18th.  On 19th she was moved alongside Gillingham Pier, where restoration work will continue.

Pete Devrell recorded MQ passing Battery Point.  Below are some of the still photos he took, he also shot some video footage that can be viewed  http://youtu.be/PtzQWFNCa10

Friday, 8 November 2013

MEDWAY QUEEN move - Update 8th November

On Thursday 31st October Medway Queen was towed out of the Albion Dock, through the floating harbour and down the River Avon to Avonmouth.  She will wait there until there is a suitable weather window, to allow the tow proper to commence.  October/November is not a good time for a decent weather window, as the recent storms have proved.

A number of videos of the move have appeared on YouTube, one by Branch member Geoff Hale can be found here.