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Our  Branch has over 600 members, I've been a member for 20 years or more, and could probably only put about 20 to 25 names to the faces that I regularly see on board the ships. The purpose of the gallery is to try and make us a little more friendly.

If you have a photo of yourself that we can put onto the gallery, you can send it -
1    By Email  - to bchannelmg @ 
2    By Post   - details to follow
3    In Person - bring a print along to a meeting
Notes - Emailing - if you copy & paste the address above, remember to remove the spaces either side of the @ symbol. 
By Post or In Person I will scan the print and return the original photo.
Also, remember to give you name (very important!) and optionally, where you live (town or county) and the pier that you most often use.

Myself and Cliff are getting lonely in here by ourselves!!
I am also thinking about having a special section where we can remember our friends who have departed to Davy Jones' Locker.  If you have any photos that fit into this section (no matter how old) then please also send them in.

Peter Havard