Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WAVERLEY TIMETABLES Scotland and South Coast

Some of  the Waverley timetables have been published and are available to view/download by clicking on the the following links:- Western Isles and Clyde or South Coast 
You will need Adobe Reader to view the timetables, unfortunately a font has been used that is not compatible with Adobe Reader (version 9 or earlier) to get the latest free version of Reader from click HERE

Waverleys season is very nearly 5 months long, starting in the Western Isles from 1st to 11th June followed by the Clyde from 16th June to 26th August (and 20th & 21st October) and then on to the South Coast from 12th to 27th September followed by the Thames sailings.  From the dates above, it looks like Waverley may be on the Bristol Channel for the 2 weeks 28th August to 10th September.

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